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Let Wewoka Street Pawn & Gold be your one stop center for Quick Cash,
 Jewlery - Art - Musical Instruments - Firearms and more.

We make you the customer our priority.

We can Sell your items on eBay if you would like.

Stop by and visit with Debi or Charles.

We look forward to serving you!
              Services we Offer!

Pawn it: 
This options gives you Quick Cash with your item on hold for 30 days as collateral.  We normally give about 15 - 25% of your items value as a loan.

Sell it:  We will buy your item outright for Cash Money.  With this option the market determines its value.

  • eBay it:  We have over 10 years experience selling on eBay and can get you top dollar for your items.  Turn arround time for Cash is about 15 - 30 days.  Fees do apply.

Donate it:  All donations will go to a worthy cause. 

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